Outdoor adventure empowers our kiddos to develop grit, curiosity, and ingenuity.

But getting outside? That takes some work, like:

  • Finding the best kid-friendly campsite

  • Researching and buying all the gear (and remembering to actually pack it)

  • Learning how to tackle a wolverine… or whatever it is they teach you in wilderness safety

  • Sleeping in a tent with a tyke who only knows blackout curtains, climate control, and a sound machine.

Introducing WildKind's Camping with Kids!

Take the shortcut to next-level dispersed camping adventures with our proven systems to eliminate time-sucking research and packing while also building your knowledge.

Don't Ask Us--Ask These Moms!

"I learned so many new-to-me things!"

Lydia B.

Even though I have been camping with my young kids countless times, I learned so many new-to-me things! And the checklists will be super helpful for this mom who always forgets THAT ONE THING.

"I am loving this course!"

Sarah L.

Wow, wow! I am so in awe of what you all created! I love the packing lists and budget suggestions for gear. And the section about sleeping pads and how to stay warm at camp? I never realized how much that matters!

"Finally some digestible info for families who want to get outside!"

Grace K.

I can't tell you how many hours I spent on the web trying to find this exact information when I was first transitioning to life as a mom!

"Prepping for our first camping trip next weekend!"

Paige M.

Thanks to WildKind for this awesome program to help me feel more prepared to go camping with a baby.

WildKind's Camping with Kids

For the outdoor parent who wants to create family memories of sleeping under the stars

  • Downloadable Packing Lists, Graphics, and Gear Recs From Industry Pros

    Get your family 70% prepped to go camping in just 90-minutes using our trusted three-tote system (yup, it's that easy!), gear list with clickable links, a shopping list with a sample weekend menu of kid-approved camp recipes, and a prep-work timeline with our best packing tips to minimize your stress and get you out the door faster.

  • Answered: Your Biggest Questions About Camping

    Our 12 videos by industry veteran and pro gear reviewer Heather Balogh Rochfort will help you understand the tech behind the gear so you can make the best purchases for your family. We traverse topics like finding dispersed camping, infant sleeping hacks, nursing and formula feeding at camp, Leave No Trace dish washing, bathroom etiquette in the wild, and more.

  • A Beefy Wildlife Guide You Won't Want To Leave Behind

    Our veteran ecologist pitched in (pun intended!) with a standalone, comprehensive wildlife guide to teach your entire family how to safely interact with Mother Nature. From bears and cats to snakes and bison, we cover track identification, bear spray safety, and safe wildlife viewing distances, and more.

Want a peek inside?

  • 1

    Please Watch First

    • WildKind Release

  • 2

    Welcome to WildKind's Camping with Kids!

    • Welcome to WildKind's Camping with Kids: Meet Your Instructor!

  • 3

    Chapter 1: 90 Minutes Until Your First Overnight

    • Bare-Bones Packing List

    • Streamline Your Packing Process with this Cheat Sheet as Guidance

    • Don't Get Caught Unprepared: Your Trip Prep Timeline

  • 4

    Chapter 2: Planning Your Family's First Dispersed Camping Trip

    • What is the difference between dispersed camping and campground camping?

    • How Do I Find a Good Dispersed Campsite?

    • Tips for Choosing a Toddler-Friendly Campsite

  • 5

    Chapter 3: The Gear Deep Dive

    • What are the Ten Essentials?

    • The Whole Enchilada: Everything You Need (And Some You Don't) Packing List -- Including the Luxuries

    • Packing List: The Bonus Items Needed for Camping with an Infant

    • Top Gear Picks for Infant Camping

    • Top Gear Picks for Toddler Camping

    • Tents 101: The Nitty Gritty Needed to Help Guide Your Tent-Making Decisions

    • Sleeping Bags 101: Everything You Need to Know about Sleeping Bags to Help Guide Your Decisions

    • Sleeping Pads 101: Everything You Never Knew About Sleeping on the Ground

    • Stoves 101: How to Decide Which Stove is Best For Your Family

    • How to Properly Clean and Store Your Gear So It Lives Forever

  • 6

    Chapter 4: Sleep On It. Safe and Warm Rest for Your Family

    • How and Where to Pitch Your Tent

    • Infant Sleep: It's Happening

    • Five Hacks to Help Your Kiddo Sleep in a Tent the First Few Times

    • The Basics of Layering Systems That Keep Your Family Warm

    • Four Hacks to Keep Your Family Warm While Sleeping

  • 7

    Chapter 5: Dining al Fresco

    • Everything You Need for a Thorough Camp Kitchen: A Checklist

    • Meal Prepping at Home: A Few Tips to Streamline Your Process

    • The WildKind Menu: Sample Recipes for a Weekend Trip (Including a Shopping List!)

    • How to Properly Wash Your Dishes While Following LNT Practices

    • Bottles, Formula, and Pumping at Camp

    • Breastfeeding at Camp

  • 8

    Chapter 6: Leave No Trace

    • What are the Seven Main Leave No Trace Principles?

    • The Dos and Don'ts of Campfires at Camp

    • Bathroom Etiquette: How to Handle Pooping in the Woods

    • Potty Training at Camp: Best Practice and a Packing List

  • 9

    Chapter 7: Health and Safety at Camp

    • Building a First Aid Kit: The Basics

    • Holistic First Aid: What to Choose if You Opt for Holistic Medicine

    • Wildlife Safety: A Complete Guide to Staying Safe Around Nature's Animals

Heather here.

Your Instructor and Co-founder of WildKind

I’ve spent the past decade writing for the outdoor industry, evaluating the best family gear out there for publications like Backpacker and REI. I've also spent over 250 nights in a tent along with many multi-day backpacking trips with our daughter. My motto? Sh*t happens. And when it does, you better be prepped to figure it out--and pack it out.

Brooke out there.

Content Development and Co-Founder of WildKind

Scaling mountains by foot and crunching gravel by wheel as a single-mother in the outdoor industry forged my path as an adventure content creator working with brands like Merrell, Nordica, GoPro, Reima, Specialized, and Thule. Most likely place to find me? Gobbling up some Taco Bell after a long day on the trail chasing my two kiddos (with #3 on the way!)

You have questions, we have answers.

  • How does the course work for different climates and terrains?

    We’re going to equip you with the basics that can be built upon for any environment you might encounter in the US.

  • Can you help me figure out how to camp minimally with a baby?

    Yes. That is exactly what this course is designed for. We’ve heard from a lot of our WildKind family that you want to use camping as a gateway to backpacking with your kids. We’re going to keep things streamlined and versatile but give you options for more home comforts if you’re just starting out and sticking close to your car.

  • How can I get my baby to sleep in a tent?

    Spoiler alert: we can give you all the tips and tricks we have and they still might not get your baby to sleep in a tent as well as they do at home. The more you practice, the better things will get, but you need to be on board for a bit of trial and error here. And believe us, it’s worth a few nights of bad sleep to get back to the adventures that you love.

Not sure if Camping with Kids is right for you?

This course is perfect for...

  • Anyone who wants a shortcut to dispersed camping with their kiddo and wants to feel more confident and secure on that adventure.

  • Experienced campers and those who will be pitching a tent for the first time. There is no prerequisite for building and sharing memories with your little one in the outdoors.

  • Someone who tried dispersed camping with their baby and didn’t have success but wants to try again.

  • There are solutions in this course to tackle the most common challenges parents face. And, if we haven’t covered one of your questions in the course, Brooke and I will happily help you troubleshoot.

Camping with Kids

The fastest and easiest way for parents to get outdoors by eliminating time-consuming research and arming them with strategies to make packing and prep a breeze.

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